March 19 – 20; March 21, 2016

The Sinew Channels mediate our relationship to the external environment. These channels are the map of the Wei Qi terrain. They define our structural alignment and the most exterior boundaries of where and how we meet the world. The application of the Sinew Channels can be especially important and powerful for the treatment of pain, neuromuscular dysfunction, muscular-skeletal conditions, seasonal allergies, environmental sensitivities and many other conditions involving the Wei Qi.

The class provides a thorough theoretical understanding of the Sinew Channels/Jin Jing: their pathways, points, confluences and functions. Their relationships to the other channel systems and role in the overall dynamic of the body’s energies will be made clear. Clinical techniques will be demonstrated: needling techniques specific to the Sinew Channels, gua sha, and cupping. The major Sinew Releases of the neck and pelvis will also be taught. Participants will gain a comprehensive framework for diagnosing and treating using the Sinew Channels.

Monday Practicum (optional)

The class, limited to 15 participants, will focus on further integrating the weekend’s material into clinical practice.  A pulse system specific to diagnosing the sinew channels will be presented.  We will also learn more sinew releases including the Tai Yang, Yang Ming, Shao Yang and Shao Yin releases.  Additional time will be spent practicing clinical techniques with a special focus on sinew channel needling.


 General Early Bird $325 | After February 1st $375

 ASDC/MAS/ASVA Members Early Bird $300 | After February 1st $350

 Student Early Bird $250 | After February 1st $295

 Monday Practicum Additional $175

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