LUO VESSELS   |   APRIL 30 – MAY 1; MAY 2, 2016

The Luo Vessels are a powerful means to treat the shen and the emotions. The Luo Vessels give direct access to Blood, the substance that carries shen and provides the matrix for our conscious emotional life. Yet these channels remain largely unknown or underutilized in most acupuncture practices. Using the Luo Vessels can be especially important for the treatment of psychological and emotional conditions, trauma, circulatory and cardiac conditions, digestive disorders and any imbalance involving the Blood and Ying Qi.

This class will go beyond the common understanding of the Luo Vessels by expanding its theory into a framework for human psycho-social development. The application of The Luo Vessels in true preventative care is described, providing a critical means for maintaining and releasing latent pathogenic factors. The class provides a working knowledge of Luo Vessel theory: pathways, points, functions and indications. Their relationships to the other channel systems and role in the overall dynamic of the body’s energies will be made clear. Clinical applications specific to the Luo Vessels will be demonstrated, such as Bleeding and plum blossoming and moxabustion.

Monday Practicum (optional)

The class, limited to 15 participants, will focus on further integrating the weekend’s material into clinical practice. Advanced pulse diagnosis of the Luo Vessels will be presented.  Additional time will be spent practicing clinical techniques with a focus on bleeding using lancets and plum blooming. The integration of herbal medicine and acupuncture for treating the Luo Vessels will be presented.