October 1 – 2; October 3, 2016

The Channel Divergences are a powerful meridian system able to treat chronic degenerative disease. These channels are perhaps the most mysterious and least understood. However, these underutilized channels can offer strategies to empower practitioners to treat longstanding and complex conditions with increased confidence. This course is a deep exploration of the relationship between the Wei/Defensive Qi and Yuan/Source Qi in the context of the channel systems. The class examines our ability to adapt to toxic environments and the mechanisms by which we clear or maintain latent pathogens in our bodies. The Channel Divergences offer key insights into the concept of immunity. These channels can be used to treat a very wide range of conditions from chronic pain to complicated autoimmune disease.

The class provides a working knowledge of the Channel Divergences’ theory: pathways, points, functions and indications. Their relationships to the other channel systems and role in the overall dynamic of the body’s energies will be made clear. The class includes clinical applications and needling technique demonstrations. Students will leave with multiple strategies for treating some of their most challenging patients.

Monday Practicum (optional)

The class, limited to 15 participants, will focus on further integrating the weekend’s material into clinical practice. Pulse diagnosis specific to the divergent channels will be presented, greatly adding clinical decision-making. There will be additional time for practicing of clinical skills especially divergent channel needling techniques.